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The Story of Gumluck the Wizard

The Story of Gumluck the Wizard

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Meet Gumluck the Wizard, the star of a new chapter book series by the inimitable Adam Rex! This is the first book in the series.

This is a story about magic, if you like that kind of thing. It is also a story about a ghost with amnesia, an unpopular fairy, an ungrateful little town, and an extremely wise and helpful raven (who happens to be a pretty talented storyteller). But mostly, it is about a friendly little wizard who lives inside a big hill and really, really, really wants to be a hero. His name is Gumluck, and he is a bumbling noodlehead.

In this tall tale about a short wizard, celebrated author Adam Rex proves once and for all that the biggest heroes often come in the smallest nightgowns.

Perfect for:
- Parents and grandparents seeking funny children's book series
- Teachers and librarians looking for engaging children's fantasy and magic books
- Anyone looking for fantasy chapter books
- Readers who enjoy Chris Colfer's A Tale of Magic, the Unicorn Academy series, and Magic Tree House books

  • By Adam Rex
  • 6-9 year olds
  • Hardcover
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