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Responsibly-made goods curated for your life and home!

Welcome to Kinsfolk Shop! We’re a Canadian, family-owned & operated business based out of Guelph, Ontario. 

We're Tiu and Rahul and we met in 2010 while working in retail at a big box store, surrounded by hyper-consumerism. Over time, Rahul started an office job and Tiu continued to work in a variety of retail shops that subscribed to our "throwaway" culture of consumerism. 

Working in retail, we saw firsthand how harmful fast fashion, furniture, and other goods can be to our planet. Consumer culture encourages us to purchase more than we need to fit in with the latest trends or to live our dream lifestyle. In order to convince consumers to buy more, manufacturers sell products at lower prices using lower-cost materials that quickly break or deteriorate with use. The workers who make these products often work in oppressive, unsafe, and unsustainable working conditions. Mass consumption and manufacturing is detrimental to the environment and to us as humans. 

We knew there had to be a better, more intentional, and more responsible way of doing things in the retail world so we started Kinsfolk Shop! 

Tiu handles product sourcing, social media, day-to-day operations, and anything creative. Rahul is our computer wizard and marketing expert.

As you explore our website, you’ll find a curated collection of fun, high-quality, responsibly made goods for your home and life. We’ve intentionally sourced our collection of fair-trade, Canadian-made, and carefully selected makers and manufacturers around the world. 

Since we do our part to take care of our earth, we also give back to the causes that matter most to us and our community. Thanks to you, Kinsfolk supports Tree Canada, Feed Ontario, and Anishnabeg Outreach on a monthly basis.

You’ll regularly find new products added to our website as we continue to add useful and inspiring pieces to our collections.

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