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Silicone Dish Brush Handle

Silicone Dish Brush Handle


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New from Redecker, these patented dish brush handles are water-proof and very resilient. The silicone sleeve over the stainless steel handle ensures a steady grip.

To insert or change the brush head, simply pull down on the silicone part of the handle, put brush head into round part, and slip the silicone back up until the ring is secure around the brush head.

  • Sold individually 
  • brush heads sold separately
  • Available in yellow, green, or plum blue
  • Measures 21.5cm long
  • Made in China 
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Customer Reviews

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No more falling off the handle!

If you’ve used the Redecker dish brush, over time you’ll notice the handle always falls off the connector and it renders the handle useless even after changing brush heads due to the wood in the handle warping over time. This handle works much better and softer on the hands too! A very good option for those of us who like to use the replaceable brush heads and less wasteful to throw away (even if it’s just to recycle and compost). Reduce!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review! And that's great to hear! I appreciate the feedback on the brushes and am glad to hear this handle has worked out better for you than the wood one :) -T