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Owls: Our Most Charming Bird

Owls: Our Most Charming Bird

Penguin Random House

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An enchanting illustrated guide to owl species of the world. 

In this beautiful and highly giftable art book, artist and ornithologist Matt Sewell captures 50 species of the world's most evocative bird: the owl.

Using pop-art watercolours and accompanied by witty and irreverent descriptions, Sewell expresses the individual characters of owls as never before.

From tiny elf owls to huge Eurasian eagle owls, from the haunting barn owl to the elegant great horned owl, these wise, magical birds are otherworldly in their striking colours and stature.

It's not just birdwatchers who are obsessed: owls are a perennial favourite in pop culture, decorating, and among children as well as nature lovers and serious birders.

  • Author: Matt Sewell
  • Hardcover
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