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Magnetic Soap Holder

Magnetic Soap Holder


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Keep your soap elevated and dry!

This magnetic soap holder can be attached to smooth tiles and sinks by means of a suction cup. The spikey magnet presses into a soap bar and attaches to the metal backing of the suction cup. 

Suction Cup Tips: For optimal suction, make sure the suction cup is clean and the surface you’re adhering it too is also clean, and flat/smooth. Press down on the middle of the suction cup and hold while firmly pressing and sliding your finger around the perimeter to get rid of any air gaps and creating a seal.

  • Can hold soap that weighs up to 150g
  • Dimensions: 3cm
  • Comes in a glassine (paper) bag with instructions
  • Made in Germany by Bürstenhaus Redecker
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