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Enchanted Tales: Magical Fairy Tales from Around the World

Enchanted Tales: Magical Fairy Tales from Around the World

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Embark on a magical journey with these 18 fantastical fairy tales from around the world, beautifully illustrated by award-winning artists.

This stunning collection brings together a diverse selection of enchanted/magical tales from all over the world, including from Siberia, West Africa, North America, Peru, India, Japan, the UK, and Australia. Get lost in tales of imaginary worlds, enchanted animals, fantasticalcreatures, wizards, and more. A perfect gift and keepsake to open up a world of magic to readers of all ages.

Tales include:
Under the Iroko Tree (West Africa)
Lotus Cloud Mountain (Vietnam)
The Star Husbands (North America)
The Worn-Out Shoes (France)
The Magic Fish (China)
Sigurd and Fafnir (Scandinavia)
The Stone Cutter (Japan)
Tom Tit Tot (England)
Oh, the Tsar of the Forest (Ukraine)
The Eagles (Poland)
The Foolish Brothers (India)
The Little Stars of Gold (Czech Republic)
Snow White (Germany)
The Bird of the Golden Feather (Arabic)
Valissa the Beautiful (Russia)
Hakuturi (Maori)
Bloddeuwed (Wales)
The Search for the Magic Lake (Peru/Ecuador)

  • By Laura Sampson
  • Illustrated by Quang and Lien
  • Hardcover
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