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Bee Cups (With NEW Bee Vision Glaze)

Bee Cups (With NEW Bee Vision Glaze)

Bee Cups

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Bee Cups are tiny porcelain funnel shaped flowers for your garden that collect several drops of rain or sprinkler water for thirsty bees and butterflies.

Each one is made from hand coloured porcelain that is fired at 2200 degrees F. A bee cup can hold about a teaspoon of water.

*NEW* Bee Cups now come with Bee Vision glaze which attract more pollinators to your garden. They mimic the colors and patterns flowers use to attract bees and butterflies. Each Bee Vision Bee Cup has a ceramic-based glaze in the center that is UV reactive. The glazes look clear to us, but bees are very attracted to them. Humans need the help of a black light to see the glaze glow pink. (Photo credit to Bee Cups.)

  • Dimensions of each cup: 3.5" long x 1" opening
  • Made in the USA in kilns using 100% solar energy
  • Will not leach into soil
  • Each set comes with 5 cups in a wood holder and compostable pot


  • Place mulch or rocks around your Bee Cups to keep dirt from splashing into the cups.
  • Hard water can build up on the Bee Cups and make the color look dull and scaley. Soak the Bee Cups overnight in vinegar and sand them with fine-grit sandpaper to restore the original color.
  • You can run the Bee Cups through the dishwasher, just make sure they don’t knock other bee cups or silverware.
  • Bring inside over winter.
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