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The Tree in the Ancient Forest

The Tree in the Ancient Forest

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Gorgeous artwork and a poetic technique add to this story of the life within the ancient forests of the world. The ancient forests are crucial to animals and to us. They are irreplaceable and readers will develop a deep love and appreciation for them in this book.

We need the ancient forests of the world, and we have allowed over 90 percent of them to have been cut down. But we can still save the remaining 10 percent. It takes a deep love for something in order to want to work to save it, and this book will give young readers that love for the ancient forests.

The cumulative verse format slowly builds to move readers through the forest to see the three-hundred-year-old tree, the roots, soil, underground truffles feeding the voles and mice that feed the owl and owlets that live in a hollow in the tree. The woodpecker and ants that started the hollow startle the squirrel and the marten, prey and predator running around the tree knocking the fir cones to the ground. There is a whole ecosystem in the ancient forests, and animals and humans depend on it for survival.

This book will inspire young readers to love and appreciate these forests.

  • By Carol Reed-Jones
  • Illustrated by Christopher Canyon
  • Softcover
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