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Safety Razor Kelp

Safety Razor Kelp

Well Kept

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This solid brass safety razor from Vancouver based Well Kept offers a superior shave with reduced irritation & ingrown hairs. They are a sustainable, plastic-free alternative and are more cost effective in the long run with blades being a fraction of the cost of disposable or cartridge razors.

While shaving, don't apply pressure and let the weight of the razor guide you for a close, smooth shave. The blades are incredibly sharp and should be used with caution and patience.

Note: Don't leave your razor in the shower between uses since the humidity and water can cause the blade to rust which might stain your razor. Disassemble and clean/dry between uses.

  • Razors are made in Canada
  • Handles are solid brass and measure 90mm long
  • Includes 1 blade

Caution:  This product is intended for shaving only. Kinsfolk Shop and Well Kept do not take any responsibility for injury or harm caused by use (or misuse) of this product. Keep out of children's reach.


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