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Plant Guide
Plant Guide
Plant Guide

Plant Guide

Homebody Stationary
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"A Non-Expert's, Self-Taught Guide To Avoid Slaughtering Most Common Houseplants"

I promise you, it’s possible. ⁣⁣

Tropical plants have been proven to purify the air, soothe stress, and get you bonus social media posts for “living your bliss” or whatever as you post next to a pothos on Instagram during Golden Hour. ⁣⁣
All joking aside, science says plants help your mind. ⁣⁣
Take care of that whole “mind” thing, it makes you wonderful.

A simple guide to becoming a successful houseplant owner. There are over 40 pages of practical tips and illustrations. It'll cover how to get started, how to identify common kinds of plants, and mistakes to avoid. There's even room for a wish list in the back!

  • These are riso printed (soy based ink) on recycled paper.
  • 4x6
  • Made in Guelph, Ontario by Amber Ozols
  • Package-free

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