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Medium Roast - 28 Barbary Lane
Medium Roast - 28 Barbary Lane

Medium Roast - 28 Barbary Lane

Gold Door
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Medium Roast, Whole Bean, Swiss water process.

Gold door coffee's first signature house roast! Just like the home of its namesake, this roast represents chosen family. The people we laugh with, cry too, binge watch tv with, love endlessly, and unquestionably support; they may not be blood, but they’re family.

This nutty, organic, Colombian medium roast is warm, bold, and creamy - perfect for everyday coziness! So you can wake up anywhere feeling at home.

Tasting notes: toffee, roasted nuts, caramel

  • 340g compostable packaging
  • Origin: Colombia Region(s): Huila, Central Cordillera, Serrania De Las Minas
  • Varietal: caturra, typica, bourbon & catimor
  • Elevation: 1,500 - 1,700 masl
  • Only available for purchase within Canada

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