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Make Nice Company Solid Dish Soap Kits
Make Nice Company Solid Dish Soap Kits
Make Nice Company Solid Dish Soap Kits
Make Nice Company Solid Dish Soap Kits
Make Nice Company Solid Dish Soap Kits

Make Nice Company Solid Dish Soap Kits

Make Nice Company
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There are 4 different kits available from Make Nice Company. The kits come with a 240 gram bar of solid dish soap, and a scrubber or long handled brush. The scrubber and brush both have tampico (plant fibre) bristles.

With proper care and maintenance, these brushes should last you quite a while! Don't let them sit in water for prolonged periods of time and let them dry out completely between uses.

Make Nice Company's solid dish soap cuts stubborn grease on your dishes while still being gentle on your hands. Each bar can replace up to 3 bottles of traditional dish soap depending on how you wash your dishes (a scourer will wear it down faster).

This power house cleaner can even take stains out of your clothes, and be used for spot cleaning as well.

How to use: Use a cloth or dish brush and rub directly on the soap. Wash dishes with warm water and rinse well. For pots and pans, use a pot brush, scrubber or scourer.

Keep in a dish (like this one) which has adequate drainage and will allow it to dry/cure between uses. 

Please Note: Using a hard bristled pot scrubber or scouring pad will wear down this bar faster than a soft bristled brush or a cloth would. If you see spots on your dishes after washing, this is due to hard water reacting with the soap. Simply rinse with diluted vinegar.

Also, due to the nature of the Scrub Brush,  it can be prone to cracking if you live in areas where the humidity fluctuates a lot or if you leave the brush in water for long periods of time. Allow it to dry out completely with the bristles facing downwards at room temperature between uses to prevent the wood from swelling and cracking. This goes for all these shorter pot brush/scrub brushes that we carry in the shop!

  • Ingredients: Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, olea europaea (olive) oil, aqua, sodium hydroxide
  • 240 grams
  • Handmade in Vancouver, BC, brushes made in China
  • Vegan
  • Paraben-free
  • Palm oil-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • PH balanced and biodegradable


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