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Long Handled Duster

Long Handled Duster


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A handy hand-made duster.

Can be used with the handle attached (for hard-to-reach places) or detached.

The brush head has 2 holes so you can choose which angle to attached the handle. Please note that the handle is pressure fitted.

A note from Redecker on their dusters: "Our handcrafted dusters and brushes are truly special! Too fine for machine production, too elegant to be altered, and too popular to do without. Each item is a unique piece with a history of its own."

Care instruction: Wash with lukewarm water and a mild detergent solution. After washing, press out excess water and hang dry outside in fresh air or indoors at room temperature. Do not leave soaking or submerged in water.

  • Made in Germany
  • 60cm long handle
  • 17.5cm diameter brush head
  • Waxed beechwood
  • Soft goat hair bristles
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