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Connect Intimacy Oil

Connect Intimacy Oil

Pine + Clover

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Connect Intimacy Oil + Lubricant is infused with resinous Calendula flower, slippery Marshmallow Root, Plantain Leaf and whole Green Flower. Enhance sensual connection and good vibrations with this preservative-free, hypo-allergenic herbal infused intimacy oil (sexual lubricant).

Connect is 100% natural, free of essential oils. It smells very, very faintly of the Calendula blossom that it is infused with, but is in no way perfume-y or overpowering. Safe for consumption.

How To Use: 1-2 pumps warmed between the hands lubricate during intimacy. Best used within 6 months from purchase. Keep in dark, cool place.

Please note: Connect is NOT to be used with latex condoms or latex sex devices. Why? Oil-based lubricants can break down latex. Connect’s formula is safe for lambskin + polyurethane condoms only. When using with any sex devices (those that are non-latex, please!), be sure to wipe off and sanitize sex device after use. Clean toys always make for better times.

Crafted for all ages. Do not ingest. Please keep out of sunlight and away from heat. Best used within 1 year.

  • Made in Ontario
  • 2oz amber glass jar with pump lid
  • Ingredients: Calendula, Marshmallow root, Plantain Leaf and whole Green Flower (bud + leaf) infused organic Jojoba oil, organic Sunflower oil, vitamin E
  • No preservatives, toxic fragrances or chemical emulsifiers
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