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Bamboo Toothbrush - Extra Soft

Bamboo Toothbrush - Extra Soft

Brush with Bamboo

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Approximately 1 billion toothbrushes end up in landfills in North America every year. The next time you need a new toothbrush- consider buying a bamboo one. They last as long as conventional plastic brushes and don't end up in the landfill once they have served their purpose. Every part of this brush is either biodegradable or recyclable, including the box that it is packaged in. Read more about Brush with Bamboo. For a full rundown on their bristles, read this.

  • Extra Soft bristles are made from a base of castor bean oil (certified bio-based and do not contain any fossil fuels)
  • Bristles made in Germany
  • The handle is made from 100% Moso bamboo 
  • USDA Certified Bio-based
  • Vegan
  • BPA-Free
  • Package contains 1 toothbrush

Disposing of your toothbrush:

Every toothbrush is composed of three parts: a handle, bristles, and metal staples that are used to clamp the bristles to the handle. Metal staples are normal in toothbrush manufacturing and are also present in all plastic toothbrushes. The metal staples used in Brush with Bamboo toothbrushes are aluminum – aluminum staples are the most common type of staples found in any type of toothbrush worldwide.

The USDA Certified 100% Biobased bristles and 100% bamboo handle of the Brush with Bamboo toothbrush will eventually return to the soil. Although these bristles will eventually return to the soil, you may recycle them at your local recycling facility (please check if facilities exist) or with Terracycle®.

To remove the aluminum staples from your toothbrush, remove the bristles from the head of the toothbrush – this will also remove the metal staples holding the bristles into the handle. Aluminum is not biodegradable but it will break down through chemical reactions in the environment. Aluminum is also highly recyclable. 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.


The toothbrush handle can be disposed of in a commercial composting bin and will safely return to the soil within 6 months. Or you can compost it in your own home. However, the handle is a perfectly good piece of high quality bamboo – feel free to reuse it!


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