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cookbook entitled Bad Manners Fast As Fck
Book open to recipe called Not Terrible Lentil Soup

Bad Manners: Fast as F*ck: 101 Easy Recipes to Pack Your Plate

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A vegan cookbook.

Bad Manners: Fast as F*ck includes more than 100 easy and accessible recipes to give you a solid start toward a better diet. They hold your hand and explain ingredients from chickpeas to nooch so you'll feel confident knowing exactly what the f*ck you're cooking. This kickass kitchen primer also serves up health benefits and nutrition to remind everyone, from clueless newbies to health nuts, how a plant-based lifestyle benefits our bodies, minds, environment, and pocketbooks.

So scared of commitment you can't even dedicate some time to cook? Bad Manners is here to fix that sh*t: All recipes in Fast as F*ck are guaranteed to be faster than delivery, so you can whip up some tasty meals with simple ingredients regardless of when you stumble home from work. You're too damn important to be eating garbage, so Bad Manners has made it easy to take care of #1: you. No needless nonsense or preachy bullsh*t. Just delicious, healthy, homemade food for all the full-time bosses out there.

  • By Matt Holloway and Michelle Davis
  • 101 Easy Recipes
  • 215 pages
  • Hardcover

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