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Why We Avoid Palm Oil

We've heard "Palm Oil-Free" but why is that important?⁠

 What is palm oil? It's a low-cost, high-yield crop that is very versatile. This highly saturated fat is in more than 50% of household products including food, toiletries, cleaning products and it's even used in biofuel.⁠ 

Ethical Consumer Magazine as an article about the effects that palm oil production has on our planet and the hidden costs of its production.⁠

image of orangutans in a forest - source: ethical consumer magazine

Here’s an excerpt:⁠

⁠"This controversial ingredient may be present in some form in nearly every room of your home. It is widely used for its properties and because it is cheap. Its low price is partly due to its high yield, but also because, as with other mass-produced crops, the environmental and social costs go unaccounted for.⁠

Its production destroys rainforests and biodiversity. The plight of orangutans has been a key feature of palm oil campaigns, due to 80% of their habitat being destroyed in the last 20 years and the serious risk they face of extinction in our lifetime.⁠

Social impacts are also wide-ranging, and economic gains are far from evenly distributed. More than 20 million people, comprising hundreds of distinct language groups, depend on Indonesia’s forests. Many traditional communities have lost their lands to plantations.⁠

Demand for palm oil has undergone phenomenal growth and is expected to more than double by 2030 and triple by 2050.⁠" Article and Image Source: ethicalconsumer.org⁠

Palm oil is mostly grown in Indonesia, Malaysia and now is some parts of Africa and South America. Entire forests which have been home to people and animals alike have been burned and cleared out to make way for these huge palm oil plantations. There have been many accounts of human exploitation including child labor, sexual harassment and forced labor. The environmental implications have been devastating. There are many issues with monoculture farming in general and the plantations themselves use huge amounts of water, pesticides and disturb carbon-rich peatlands.

Because of this, we actively search for quality products that do not include the ingredient. All of the products in the shop are palm oil-free.⁠  We stock some amazing brands that use sustainable, high-quality ingredients that are safe for you and the planet.⁠

And while there are some RSPO palm oil sources out there and resources are being put into responsible production, there’s still a lot of controversy and not a lot of transparency around the ingredient, check out this article...we'd rather avoid it!⁠

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