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Spring Refresh

I don't know about you, but around this time of year, I start getting a little impatient about the arrival of Spring....and since I can't do much about all of the snow outside, I love doing a mini refresh inside! Here are some of my favourites from the shop to welcome Spring!

a maple wood tray/holder with 3 glass vials standing up on it

If you don't have enough houseplants already, LivCan can help you out with that! Made in New Brunswick out of locally sourced maple, their Propagation Stations will help you multiply your most beloved houseplants. Or display ones you already have on their wall mounted Plant Shelves!

a maple wood plant shelf attached to the wall with a single plant in a small white planter

Another thing that I love doing when I'm stuck inside, anxiously awaiting the turn of seasons, is rearranging and updating my bookshelves, which is where I keep all of my small prints...but this still applies if you have a gallery wall, or framed pictures around your home!

a lino cut print of a jungle cat hanging on magnetic, maple wood hangers on a light coloured wall

You can simply swap pictures out of frames, or grab a couple postcard stands to quickly display your most cherished photos, greeting cards, etc...or, there's a ton of cuties in the shop if you're looking for something new! All of the prints in the shop are from Canadian artists!

black, block print of bees on white paper sitting in a postcard holder, the print is sitting on a shelf beside a white planter


I love seed paper! And I love these The Good Card seed paper greeting cards from the shop. Here, I've split the card in half to display the front side of the card on my postcard holder, and I then used the back half of the card to grow some seeds indoors. My 5 year old has fun tracking the progress of the seeds as they grow which is a bonus!

a seed paper card with a minimal line drawing of a flower on it, the card is sitting in a maple wood postcard holder


Lastly, I find that scent adds a whole other level to your space. As I'm currently watching a blizzard outside while typing this, I can't help but reach for a scented candle to transport me to a warmer and more lush time of year! The candles at Kinsfolk Shop are all paraffin-wax free and made in Canada! No petro-chemicals here!

a white frosted glass candle from Catherine & Co, mango and papaya scented, sitting beside a small snake plant.

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