Visual Gift Guide 2021

It's that time of year again!

This visual guide has some ideas for practical and functional things as well as some inspiration for those that might be new to low waste and zero waste living or even those that are hard to shop for.

For more information on any of the products displayed, click on the image. AND, for even MORE ideas, click this link for stocking stuffers and this link for all things holiday inspired.

Hopefully this helped you out and gave you some ideas! Thanks so much for supporting Kinsfolk Shop this season!

Festive Gifts

For those that love all things holiday! Kitchen textiles, ornaments and décor!

All from small Canadian vendors and makers, too!


3 round wood ornaments with gingko leaves on them  an off white tea towel with red birds and foliage designs  holiday stockings hanging on a wood peg hook two ceramic bells hanging from a wood dowel rack

For the Food-Lover 

If you're searching for the perfect gift for the home chef or foodie in your life, there are a lot of options including jams, chocolate, and a plethora of kitchen tools, gadgets, and utensils. 

a flat lay of bread baking products on a white table a hand holding a jar of jam wood egg tray with colourful eggs in it a peppermint chocolate bar  An off white tea towel with mushroom illustrations along the bottom  A person wearing a linen apron

For Coffee or Tea Drinkers

We've tried quite a few travel mugs and coffee products in search of the best ones and these are one of our favourites!


Two camp style travel mugs, one is black and one it white A stainless steel French press
 a kraft paper bag of coffee a cotton tea bag laying on a table with loose tea coming out of the top
 A wood coffee scoop bag clip Ceramic 'Forget It' Elephant Mug


For the Homebody

We're all homebodies this year again it seems but if you're looking for something to spruce up someone's space, check these out:


a wood dowel rack with a dust pan, hand broom, trivet and a wall art print hanging from it three beeswax candles: one is a gnome, one is a pillar with lattice pattern, and the last is a pillar with geometric sunflowers An incense burner made from ceramic Two small wood trinket trays A olive and off white cotton blanket with off white tassels A postcard/mini art print with a green painted house on it



For the House Plant Enthusiast

House plants have gained significant popularity as of late. They're fun to take care of and offer an tiny, green respite from our long, Canadian winters. 



a wood propagation station with glass vials and small plant babies in them 5 terracotta garden markers wood plant shelf with a small fern sitting on it 


For Those That Are Hard to Shop For

If you're stumped for a gift, here's a few ideas that might inspire you! All Canadian made too!



a long heat/cold compress lava bead jewelry on a wood kidney bean shaped tray cotton first aid pouches with black crosses on them a hand holding a small amber glass jar of relief skin salve small white boxes with the text Make This Scented Candle written on them a solid dish soap washing kit with a bar of soap and a wood dish brush

For A Spa Staycation

Create a spa experience at home!


black safety razor rolled up colourful towels  wood combs and hairbrushes a wood dry body brush a jar of bath salts with a hang scooping the salts out with a wood scoop cedar bath mat with a Turkish towel draped over it


Gift Boxes

And if you're looking for something easy, we've got two limited gift boxes! Each box contains some of the shop's best sellers at a discount! The Plastic-Free Kitchen Box and the Herb Gardener Box.




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