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Behind the Scenes #7 with Urb & Body

After a week off to get myself and my 4 year old situated with distance learning, Behind the Scenes is back! For this week's instalment, I chatted with Jennifer, the maker and creator behind Urb&Body!

Urb&Body makes the Feel Balm (or Skin Repair Balm) that we carry in the shop! It's a super popular option for those looking for a salve that can do it all but doesn't contain any synthetics or chemicals. There are no preservatives, synthetics, or petroleum products (like Vaseline).

This salve can pretty much do it all! It's good for dry skin, chapped lips, minor skin rashes, bug bites, cuts and scrapes, after sun care, diaper rash, wind-burned skin, paper cuts, tattoo aftercare...I can go on! It's safe for adults and kids alike and those with sensitive skin.

Ingredients include organic cold pressed olive oil, organic calendula flower, organic unrefined beeswax, non-GMO vitamin E, organic lavender oil.

Everything is sourced as locally as possible and the balms themselves are made right in Toronto. Everything is packaged in a reusable metal tin with a cardboard box. No plastic packaging here!

A circular, black and white metal tin that is open and contains a yellow salve called Feel Balm from Urb & Body

[A tin of Feel Balm with the box in the background that it comes packaged in]


Now, on to the questions that were submitted on Instagram by all of you! If you'd ever like to submit new questions, send me an email!


Q: What is your business all about and how did you get started? What is the inspiration behind Urb&Body?

 URB & BODY began with a need, idea and finally a personal journey in natural wellness.

In my early 20’s I had suffered from a lot of different medical conditions that involved a round of antibiotics and other medications to help with. The only problem was that it would mask the problem instead of healing it.

Being frustrated with the continuous ailments, I became more involved in treating the issues in a more natural holistic way which involved changing what I put in and out of my body. 

As a result, my medical conditions stopped and have never returned. I started to feel good again on the inside as well on the outside. 

In 2010, my nephew was born and suffered from severe diaper rash. I realized that most baby “natural” products contained toxic ingredients for a newborn’s skin, let alone anyone’s skin.

After a lot of research, I learned the amazing benefits of the calendula plant a.k.a. the “healing herb” carried and that’s when the beginning of my journey began and Feel Balm was born. I felt comfortable knowing my nephew was using a safe product. 

Now being a mother of 3 and using the product for over 10 years, it has definitely become a staple in our family and known as "mommy's magic cream".

large, square beeswax slab sitting on a table, beeswax is one of the key ingredients in SOS skin repair balm[A 7kg slab of locally made beeswax that is broken up to go into the balm]

 Q: What is the story behind the name?

 URB & BODY, is a play on word for herbs and body. 

 Q: Where are your products made and who makes them?

All salves are handcrafted in small batches and packaged by me in my home in Toronto, ON.


Jennifer, the maker behind Urb & Body[Jennifer from Urb & Body!] 

Q: How much waste is made in the production of products? Where are your ingredients sourced?

The salves are filled in a metal tin and packaged in a paper box.

The only waste are the calendula flowers that are filtered out of the oil and composted.

Most ingredients are organic/unrefined/non-GMO and sourced in Canada or as close to home as possible to reduce my carbon footprint.

SOS skin repair balm being poured from a bowl into metal tins

[Pouring Feel Balm into metal tins where it will set and harden. Each Feel Balm is poured by Jennifer in small batches]

Q: Is there any advice you'd give to people starting out with their own businesses?

You are your own cheerleader.

There are days when you feel overwhelmed and second guess yourself and there are days that you feel you can conquer anything.

There will be many obstacles to face but only you can hold yourself back. 

Don’t be afraid to take risks, without them the results won’t be as rewarding.


Q: Is there anything you wish you had known when you were starting out?

There are so many other things that come with starting your own business besides making a product and selling it.

Be sure to have your product insured, have your company incorporated, file taxes, have your product licensed by Health Canada if it is a health product like our Feel Balm and many other little things that make a business.


Q: And is there anything else you would like to include?

Follow me on Instagram @urbandbody to learn about upcoming promos and news.

If you have been lucky enough to try our Feel Balm, please leave a review on Kinsfolk’s page. Love hearing feedback from our customers. 

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