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Behind The Scenes #8 with Simple Ritual

It's time for another instalment of Behind the Scenes! It's been a minute since we did a behind the scenes and I'm happy to bring them back!

This week, we wanted to talk about Simple Ritual and the amazing candles they make!

4 gold tin candles with black labels sitting on a white table beside a pothos plant. The candles have wood wicks and are sprinkled with some flower petals.

Simple Ritual is based out of Mississauga, Ontario. All of their candles are hand poured and made in small batches.

Simple Ritual was born out of a desire to define personal moments. By lighting one of their candles, they hope you will take the time to get in touch with yourself and do something just for you. To ground yourself, to be present, to honour and recognize your emotions and feelings, and to practice your daily simple ritual - that is what Simple Ritual stands for.

Kayla, the owner of Simple Ritual started this business knowing that our lives, and life in general can be chaotic and often interrupted. Back in 2014-2016 Kayla was diagnosed with cancer and spent 2 years fighting and learning how to live without regret and to make time for what really mattered. As a survivor, or rather a thriver, Simple Ritual candles started as a part of her healing and love for holistic health practices - it's now turned into a business that inspired people to make those special moments for themselves, and their simple rituals.

a bird's eye view of 3 candles that have wood wicks and botanicals sprinkled on top of the wax

Simple Ritual candles are made with sustainably harvested soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance oils. They come in a range of dreamy scents and have crackling wood wicks.

Their candles also come in smaller sizes that are pre-bundled in case you're indecisive and want to try all of the scents! These candles come with cotton wicks and are packaged in a cotton, drawstring bag. Currently there's a Spring bundle and an Original Scents bundle.

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