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Behind the Scenes #4 with Seventh & Oak

It's Behind the Scenes #4 already! I hope you've been enjoying this blog series! It's been so cool to read the different stories and see the processes behind each business!

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking to Annabel from Seventh & Oak! Annabel makes the most luxurious, small batch candles. My personal favourite is the Zen candle...if you follow Kinsfolk Shop on Instagram, you'll see if pop up in my stories every other day pretty much!


Seventh & Oak candles are come in a range of scents to enhance and uplift your space. The candles are made from a soy and coconut wax blend and feature crackling, wood wicks made from FSC certified wood! If you haven't experienced a wood wick before, grab one of these candles! It's like your own personal camp fire.
Now on to the questions! I'm excited to share all things Seventh & Oak!


Q: What is your business all about and how did you get started? What is the inspiration behind your business?


Seventh and Oak is a Canadian home fragrance brand. We hand pour clean burning coconut soy wax candles with phthalate free oils in small batches. 
I started Seventh and Oak because I needed candles that were made with non toxic ingredients. Before now, I'd buy a ton of candles, not realizing that they were made with toxic ingredients like paraffin wax which is a by-product of petroleum. I decided to try making my own candles for myself and my family - I never looked back since.
I wanted to share my little passion with others and so I decided to launch S&O (in the middle of a pandemic). With only my savings from my 9-5, my marketing and design background, I planned my business launch and here we are almost 3 months later.
Q: What's the story behind the name?


I get this question a lot and it's very simple - Seventh (7) is my birth month - July; and Oak is the first syllable of my last name (Okeya), just spelled differently (O-KAY-YA)
Q: Where are your products made and who makes them?


All our candles are made in Canada and hand poured in small batches by me (Annabel)


seventh & oak workspace featuring a brightly lit space with a large work table with candles and supplies
[the Seventh & Oak work space-where all the magic happens]


seventh & oak candles being made, with candles in the back drying out and the candles in the front still curing and transparent
[Seventh & Oak candles curing] 


Q: How much waste is made in the production of products? Where are your ingredients sourced?

None. We use recyclable materials throughout the candle making process. Our waxes are a vegan blend of coconut and soy, the crackling wood wicks are sourced from FSC certified mills and manufactured in North America - they are natural and eco-friendly and the glass jars are reusable. 

I also often reuse the shipping boxes that my supplies come in so I'm not adding to any waste. Whoever we source materials from has to have similar values as us - transparency, no testing done on animals, quality, etc. I've found that it makes things easier when we are both on the same page.
Q: Is there any advice you'd give to people starting out with their own businesses?


Go for it. As long as it's something you enjoy doing, it will never feel like work. 
Just do it and don't wait to be 'perfect' before you launch - you'll make mistakes but you'll learn from them.


admin space at seventh & oak HQ featuring a white desk, house plants and a brightly lit room
[Seventh & Oak headquarters. The houseplants! That floor! Love!]
Q: Is there any advice you've received that has been helpful to you?


Anything worth doing is worth doing well - my mum made sure I never forgot that and it has stuck with me all my life. It has been a big part of my business because I would never launch anything I didn't test or I wasn't confident about. When I make each candle, I do it with a truckload of love.

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