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Behind the Scenes #3 with Bath Poetry

For the third instalment of Behind the Scenes, I had the pleasure of talking to Nicolle from Bath Poetry. Based in Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Bath Poetry is a natural skincare line. Everything is made in small batches from 100% chemical-free ingredients. Bath Poetry products include toner, serums, body oil, sugar scrubs, lip butters, linen sprays, and more! Keep reading to learn more about this small, Canadian business and what inspired Nicolle to create Bath Poetry!


bath poetry HQ, a two story, red brick house overlooking open fields and blue skies.
[A little peek at the the Bath Poetry studio! It's on the third floor of this beautiful, red brick house which overlooks the most dreamy landscape!]


Q: What is your business all about and how did you get started? What is the inspiration behind your business?

Bath Poetry began with a challenge; a sincere desire to replace my store-bought bath and face care with natural products that I made myself. It all started with an essential oils kit I purchased. I began to explore diffusing different oil blends and educating myself on the benefits of each essential oil. I fell in love with the properties and performance of the oils in my diffuser and began to explore making my own bath salts, then body butter and sugar scrubs. That turned into linen and body sprays and fuelled a desire to explore face care. 

Poetry has always played a big role in my life, from writing my own sappy odes and devouring Sylvia Plath as a teenager to a refined appreciation of Canadian and local writing as an adult. Every day that I take the time to read a poem is automatically a good one. I want that for everyone and that is why there is a poem included on every jar. I initially shared my favourite pieces of poetry from well-known sources. Recently, I have been collaborating with Saskatchewan writers to share their poetry through the products. It is really important to me to support as many artists as I can through this journey. Artists and writers make this world a better, more inspired place to be. 


a black and white photo of nicolle smiling and wearing a floral top

[This is Nicolle! The face behind Bath Poetry!] 

Q: What is the story behind the name?

I had just made my first batch of body butter and was applying it after a shower. I was overcome with an immense sense of pride and joy in that moment. Being a natural-born poetry fan, I thought to myself “This feels so awesome! The only thing that could make this moment better is if I could read a poem at the same time.” I actually thought that! I had the idea to hand-write poems on the labels to give away as gifts for friends. A colleague at the art museum where I work mentioned that they were looking for locally-made apothecary in the gift shop and the rest is history. Bath Poetry was born. 

Q: Where are your products made and who makes them?

My products are all made in my home studio in Lumsden, SK. I conceive of and make every product myself, in small batches and with love and intention in every jar. 

nicolle making skincare products in her studio, her hand reaching for a bowl of red and pink flower petals.


Q: How much waste is made in the production of products? Where are your ingredients sourced?

All wholesale orders are packed with reused supply packaging and filling. Using glass and biodegradable packaging is a priority for me. There is very minimal waste in the production of my products. I source every ingredient in Canada and as close to home as possible.

a bowl of Himalayan rock salt with a metal scoop


Q: Is there any advice you'd give to people starting out with their own businesses?

Surround yourself with people who will listen and lift you up as you move through the steep learning curves, growth, and bumps in the road. At the same time, you need to learn to listen to yourself. Be kind; to others of course, but mostly to yourself. Celebrate and trust in the failures... that’s where growth and learning happens. 

Q: Is there any advice you've received that has been helpful to you?

I have met so many talented and inspiring makers through this experience, each with helpful support and advice. The ones from whom I’ve learned the most have role modelled a spirit of openness and generosity, and have welcomed me into a community that I’m so grateful to be a part of. 

  • Trust your gut. 
  • Make what you love. 
  • Listen to yourself. 
  • There is always someone to reach out to; you are not alone. 

Q: Is there anything you wish you had known when you were starting out?

 I am very grateful for this journey and the growth that I have experienced. All of the tough lessons and ‘failures’ have been gifts... I wouldn’t want to change that for anything. 


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