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Behind the Scenes #2 with Make Nice Company

For the second instalment of Behind the Scenes, I had the opportunity to interview Bonnie from Vancouver-based Make Nice Company. Bonnie makes awesome, solid dish soap from cruelty-free ingredients. Each bar replaces about 3 bottles of traditional dish soap and in addition to washing dishes, can also be used to spot clean around the house and remove laundry stains. For a look at how well these bars work for stain removal, check this out!

Kinsfolk Shop carries Make Nice Company activated charcoal bars and dish washing kits as well! New products are on the way and should be here closer to the end of August.

Now onto the BTS! I'm excited to share the scoop on how this small, Canadian biz came to be.

bonnie from make nice company cutting solid dish soap slabs in her studio in front of a large window.

 [This is Bonnie cutting soap slabs in her workspace]

Q: What is your business all about and how did you get started? What is the inspiration behind your business?

I started Make Nice Company when I wasn’t able to find an alternative to dish soap in plastic bottles. My partner and I were switching out our body wash and shampoos with their zero-waste solid soap alternatives and I wasn’t able to find anything for my dishes. I figured, why not try to make it?

This became a whole deep dive into learning to make soap, figuring out and testing what the best recipe would be to cut grease, and what the ideal shape would be when using it. I wanted the 100% natural ingredients to be simple, nothing you can’t pronounce, and vegan. After many months of making samples and testing them with friends, I finally got to Make Nice Company's Solid Dish Soap. 

Q: What is the story behind the name?

It's like kids on a playground picking a fight and having to 'make nice', instead it's for challenging ourselves to make sustainable choices and making the change to reduce plastic waste.

Q: Where are your products made and who makes them?


Each solid dish soap is handmade and packaged by me in Vancouver, BC. 
Our 100% recycled Canadian plastic dish trays are made by our vendor partner here in BC as well!

Q: How much waste is made in the production of products? Where are your ingredients sourced?

We try our best to have minimal waste in our production of our solid dish soaps. Our raw materials are from a local BC supplier and we are Leaping Bunny approved, certified cruelty-free. Our ingredients are 100% natural and vegan and also paraben-free and palm oil-free.

Q: Is there any advice you'd give to people starting out with their own businesses?


You have to truly believe it more than anyone else out there and if you do, go for it. Test it with strangers and evaluate their feedback. You never know until you try!

Q: Is there any advice you've received that has been helpful to you?

Don't undervalue yourself! When you start a business, it's very important not to undervalue what you're making or service you're doing! Trust in yourself and ask the people around you to validate what you're thinking.

Q: Is there anything you wish you had known when you were starting out?

Be really good about keeping your books. It's probably the most tedious and boring things to do but man, does it help if you start that out right!


Q: And, finally, is there anything else you would like to include?


We have some big things coming! We revamped our website and just ran our first digital pop up shop. Keep up with me over on Instagram: @makenicecompany

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