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All About Safety Razors

By Kim Callaghan


Starting to shave with a safety razor can be intimidating, but doesn’t need to be. With easy instructions and some tips on used blade disposal, you’ll be off to a good start.


More than just a disposable razor replacement, safety razors actually offer more benefits than just waste reduction. The single cutting blade gives a better shave with less skin irritation, and you can skip the moisturizer if you use shaving oil, as you will shave and moisturize at the same time. The initial cost may seem more expensive, but once you have the razor handle, the double-sided blades are extremely cheap, costing you almost nothing to continue using it, as compared to using costly disposable blades.



Using Your Safety Razor




Using a safety razor isn’t very different than using a disposable razor. Because the blades are sharper than disposables, you’ll want to start with short, light strokes and use the weight of the razor to do the work. Try not to apply pressure. Other than that, shave as normal! You might want to practice on your legs, but you can definitely use a safety razor on all the areas you normally shave, including your bikini area and underarms. Here are a few tips on shaving your bikini line. Each blade should be good for five to seven shaves before you replace it.


Installing and Changing the Blade


Changing the razor blade is very simple. Unscrew the handle from the top, and holding the not-sharp edge, remove the old blade and replace with a new one. Screw the handle and blade components back together and you’re done! Lay the pieces on the counter or a flat surface while changing blades, and don’t change it in the shower or bath due to slippery surfaces. You can read detailed instructions and watch a video on Well Kept’s website here.


What To Do With Used Blades?



Used Blade Storage


Like a disposable razor, you will need to dispose of safety blades in a way that’s safe for you, your family and whoever disposes of them once they leave your home. Before they leave your home blades should be stored in some kind of blade bank, which is like a piggy bank for razor blades. These can be easily made or purchased. The simplest DIY blade bank uses a metal container with a sealed top on it with a slot cut in it to put used blades through. Store your blade bank somewhere safe and out of reach of children. We also recommend using a material that doesn’t break so your blades don’t end up scattered everywhere.


Blade Disposal


Depending on your local waste disposal situation, you may be able to recycle your blades. Some municipalities will allow you to drop your blades off for scrap metal recycling and some will let you put them in your curb-side recycling. Using a metal blade bank will make this easier and ensure that it all gets recycled. Unfortunately, some municipalities won’t accept used blades for recycling and you will need to toss them directly in the garbage. If this is the case the waste from your safety razor blades will still be much less than if you were using disposable blades. Make sure you don’t throw single blades directly in the garbage or recycling. It’s dangerous for anyone who handles your waste, including you and your family.


If you decide to take the leap and start using a safety razor, we carry Canadian company Well Kept's razors which are available in Dusty Rose, Cream, and Black. Razors are available on their own or as part of a kit which includes everything you need to get started!



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