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7 Reasons to Use Bamboo Utensils

Bamboo utensils are some of my favourite kitchen tools! We carry Bambu which is responsibly made in China. Bambu is a certified B Corp which means they must meet high standards for social and environmental impact. They've actually worked with the same local families and artisans for years, and in some cases decades, to make their products. 

a birds eye view of a minimalist table setting. There are 3 bamboo utensils alongside some green foliage, a light blue bowl and some cut lemons.

Here are seven reasons why we love bamboo utensils:

1. Environmentally Friendly - Bamboo is like grass, it can be cut without killing the plant, grows quickly, and is doesn’t require the use of pesticides. ⁠All of Bambu's utensils are made from USDA certified organic bamboo.

2. Lightweight - easy to stir and mix, flip and scoop. Perfect for camping, RV travel, and backpacking.

3. Durable - Super strong and long-lasting, more resilient than wood.

4. Heat, Stain & Odour Resistant - Bamboo products do not absorb odors and are super easy to clean.

5. Biodegradable - These ones are made without the use of glues, lacquers or paints and are finished with linseed oil only.

6. Safe with Non-Stick Cooking Surfaces - Won't scratch or damage the finish.⁠

7. Not only is Bambu a Certified B Corp, but they're also a 1% For The Planet member and Carbon Neutral Certified. They are held to some of the highest standards regarding social and environmental impacts.

There is quiet the range bamboo utensils and tools in the shop including spatulas, mixing spoons, cutting boards, pot scrapers and more! Click here to check everything out!

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