2022 Visual Gift Guide

It's that time of year again!

This visual guide has some ideas for practical and functional things as well as some inspiration for those that might be hard to shop for. It's written in a list format for easy perusing. 

For more information on specific products, click the images below. AND for even MORE ideas, click this link for gift ideas under $20.

Hopefully this helped you out and gave you some ideas! Thanks so much for supporting Kinsfolk Shop this season <3


Festive Gifts:

  • December Days 5x7 print- printed in Ontario by artist Annya Marttinen
  • Ceramic bells- made in Ontario by Love Bite Ceramics
  • Organic cotton tea towel- made in BC by Your Green Kitchen
  • Handmade ornaments- made in Quebec by Atelier Bosc







    For the Food-Lover :

    • Egg trays- made in New Brunswick by Livcan Design
    • The Bread Baker's Notebook (a log book to keep track things!)
    • Award-winning ceramic graters- made in Japan by Porlex
    • Organic cotton napkins- made in BC by Your Green Kitchen


      wood egg tray with colourful eggs in it    





      For Coffee or Tea Drinkers:

      • Camp Cups with lifetime warranties- made responsibly in China by MiiR
      • The classic Aeropress coffee maker made in USA
      • Chemex coffee makers made in USA
      • The coffee scoop/bag clip made in New Brunswick by Livcan Design
      • Tea Timers made in Germany by Redecker






      For the Homebody:

      • A wooden phone amplifier- made in New Brunswick by Livcan Design
      • Postcard holders- made in New Brunswick by Livcan Design
      • Wall Hooks-made in New Brunswick by Livcan Design
      • Snails & Mushrooms print from Canadian artist Annya Marttinen
      • The Longest Night soy wax candles- made in ON by Folklore Candles
      • Homesteading book by Kim Pezza









        For the Garden Enthusiast:

        • Propagation stations- made in NB by Livcan Design
        • Terracotta plant makers- made in Ontario by Samantha Mund
        • Wreath planters- made in Ontario by Amaranth Stoneware
        • Garden stakes- made in Ontario by Wildmade Goods


          a wood propagation station with glass vials and small plant babies in them  5 terracotta garden markers





          For the Spa Enthusiasts:

          • Wooden brushes and combs- made in Germany and Italy by Redecker
          • Cedar bath mats- made in New Brunswick by Livcan Design
          • Clay face mask kits- made in Ontario by Make This Universe
          • Dry body brushes- made in Germany by Redecker

          SHOP ALL BATH

          wood combs and hairbrushes  cedar bath mat with a Turkish towel draped over it 





          For the Crafters:

          • Triceratops paper puzzle kits- made in Quebec by Poly Paper Kits
          • House ornament kits- made in Ontario by Kiriki
          • Fox embroidered doll kitsmade in Ontario by Kiriki
          • Wool felting kits- made in Ontario by Revolution Wool Co







          For the Kids:

          • Rainbow arches- made in Germany by Grimm's
          • Tinker sorting trays- made in Spain by Grapat
          • Rock Log Kids: A Journal to Record your Rock & Mineral Discoveries
          • Animals on Bikes colouring book by Canadian artist Amelie Legault
          • Piggy banks- made in France by Vilac
          • Beeswax crayons- made in Ontario by Made by Bees









          For the Bibliophiles:

          • Reading list bookmarks- made in Ontario by The Square Shop
          • Folding book stands- made in New Brunswick by LivCan Design
          • Fungarium by Katie Scott and Ester Gaya
          • 40 Knots and How To Tie Them by Lucy Davidson
          • Forest School for Grownups by Richard Irvine
          • The Ultimate Pop Up Book of Planet Earth by Anne-Sophie Baumann and Pierrick Graviou 

          SHOP ALL BOOKS









          And Finally...

          For Those That Are Hard to Shop For:

          • Ceramic sponge holder- made in Ontario by Lovebite Ceramics
          • First aid pouches- made in Ontario by Cottage Cloth
          • Herb strippers- made in NB by Livcan Design
          • Hedgehog shoe-scraper door stops- made in Germany by Redecker
          • Love Letter XL lip balm (just over 6x the size of a regular lip balm tube!)- made in Saskatchewan by Bath Poetry
          • Fair Trade chocolate bars- made in Quebec by Galerie au Chocolate


            cotton first aid pouches with black crosses on them







          Thanks so much for checking out this year's gift guide! There are lots of great options in the shop and if you're in Guelph, Ontario, come check out our little shop front! Located at 727 Woolwich Street (in the Luisa's Drapery building). We hope you have a great season ahead!

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